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Mandalorian Season 2 location may answer a huge question from the sequels

To this point, The Mandalorian has not required informal viewers to grow to be hardcore Star Wars followers. Followers who believed that Child Yoda would possibly really be Yoda weren’t punished for a gross misunderstanding of the (admittedly complicated) Star Wars timeline. However for diehards, the promise of Mandalorian Season 2 is that it’s going to really begin to play within the Star Wars canon sandbox a bit extra overtly. We all know the Jedi will in all probability seem. We noticed some extra X-wings. There are hints we’ll discover Child Yoda’s “folks.”

And amongst all of that, there is a snowy planet which appears to recall one other snow planet within the Star Wars mythos. However which one? Is that this snow planet really Ilum? Hoth? Or is it someplace else?

If “The Little one” and Din Djarin have made the journey to Ilum to, this might be an enormous deal. This is why.

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What’s Ilum in Star Wars?

First launched in The Clone Wars, the planet Ilum is the place the place yow will discover essentially the most Kyber Crystals in the whole galaxy. The Jedi constructed a fairly vital temple there as a result of it was a very good place to construct your lightsaber. Within the pre-Empire period, Ahsoka took younglings to Ilum to construct their first lightsabers, and it is closely implied that the majority different Jedi do the identical factor. Submit-Clone Wars, the Empire took over Ilum and used the Kyber Crystals to present energy each Demise Stars. After that, the First Order finally turned the whole planet into Starkiller Base, utilizing the remaining Kyber Crystals to make the long-distance planet-destroying weapon we noticed in The Drive Awakens.

This final little element was thought of solely a fan principle till 2019. Within the e-book The Rise of Skywalker: The Visible Dictionary, the concept Ilum finally turned Starkiller Base was confirmed outright.

Jedi Younglings within the Caves of Ilum in ‘The Clone Wars’Lucasfilm

Why accomplish that many followers suppose the Mandalorian snow planet is Ilum?

The notion that this snow planet within the Season 2 Mandalorian trailer is definitely Ilum makes lots of sense. For one factor, there is a huge trench that the Razorcrest flies over, and that is a characteristic of Ilum, and finally, Starkiller Base. Visually, fans on Twitter have identified that the transient scenes of this planet all match-up with how Ilum is depicted within the online game Jedi: Fallen Order.

As a result of Mando and Child Yoda are trying to find clues concerning the Jedi, it stands to motive that they’d head to Ilum. What higher place to get clues about the place Child Yoda got here from than one of many oldest Jedi Temples? In The Clone Wars, Ahsoka stated, “There isn’t a place extra sacred to the Jedi” than Ilum. Supposedly Ahsoka herself will seem on this season of The Mandalorian.

So, from a narrative perspective and from an aesthetic perspective, Ilum checks out. If we’re chasing Jedi clues for the sake of Child Yoda, this place is ideal.

Starkiller Base (Ilum) in ‘The Drive Awakens.’Lucasfilm

What is the larger impression of going to Ilum throughout The Mandalorian?

Effectively, we do not actually know a lot about what was up with Ilum earlier than the First Order period of The Drive Awakens. Contemplating that this planet will finally be the place the place Rey will wield the Skywalker lightsaber for the primary time, there’s lots of foreshadowing The Mandalorian might do right here. In spite of everything, in Season 1, Child Yoda retroactively debuted Rey’s Drive-healing powers just some days earlier than The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters. This is not to say that Mando Season 2 will outright show how the First Order started changing Ilum into Starkiller Base, nevertheless it would possibly begin to clarify that course of. All of the Stormtroopers on this trailer seem to be they’re left-over from the Empire-era, however might we begin to see some First Order variations of those guys? It is potential!

Is that snow speeder again there?Lucasfilm

What if it isn’t Ilum?

For those who’re extra of an Authentic Trilogy-loyalist, you is perhaps questioning why this could not be Hoth. In spite of everything, that is essentially the most well-known snow planet in Star Wars, proper? In equity, this might be Hoth and never Ilum. In a single scene, it seems like Mando and Child Yoda are standing subsequent to what would possibly be a part of a wrecked Snowspeeder, which might lend credence to the Hoth principle. Determining why Mando and Child Yoda would go to Hoth — past the extra-fictional fan service causes — is a bit tougher to guess. However, Hoth is a snow planet within the Star Wars galaxy, and one Jedi (Luke Skywalker) did first study the title “Yoda” on the planet Hoth. Is that sufficient of a connection for Child Yoda to make the pilgrimage to the identical spot? Perhaps. Star Wars has gotten away with larger connections with fewer hints earlier than.

There’s all the time a 3rd chance: Perhaps this snow planet is not anyplace we have seen earlier than. In spite of everything, the sequel trilogy gave us two desert planets that weren’t Tatooine, that means The Mandalorian can simply go to a snow planet that is model new.

The Mandalorian Season 2 hits Disney+ on October 30.


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