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Rick and Morty Season 4’s worst story also has its best fight scene

Years of verbal abuse and lies pale compared to the various harmful conditions Rick Sanchez has uncovered his grandson to all through Rick and Morty, however one way or the other, in certainly one of Season four’s weakest episodes, Rick does one thing even worse to Morty than erasing his recollections.

In Episode three, “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty,” Rick crushes Morty’s dream of promoting a heist film script to Netflix by orchestrating an precise heist so exhausting and unfun that Morty — and the viewer by proxy — turns into disillusioned by the entire endeavor. There are such a lot of satisfying scenes and moments on this episode, but it surely’s worse than the sum of its components as a result of the present’s writers, and Rick, clearly don’t have anything however vitriol for the heist style.

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At any time when Rick and Morty goes all-in on a singular gimmick, such because the music-focused “Get Schwifty,” each punchline feels the identical. Issues get boring and repetitive. Rick and Morty is usually so significantly better than its heist parody, and it had been all through a lot of Season four with sensible episodes just like the Story Practice or Glorzo.

“One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” is entertaining for a bit, but it surely burns out somewhat rapidly, rebounds with excessive factors like a superb Mr. Poopybutthole cameo, after which goes off-the-rails in an unfunny approach. Ultimately, Rick and a robotic shout “I programmed YOU to consider that!” forwards and backwards for 2 hours. That is it. That is the complete climax.

“I programmed YOU to consider that!”Grownup Swim

The episode kicks off with Morty and Rick casually raiding an historical alien temple utilizing overpowered defensive shields. Rick desires to make use of a gem positioned within the tomb to separate tachyons for causes unknown, however the treasure’s already been stolen by Miles Knightley (Justin Theroux). He is a “heist artist” whose adventures, Rick says, are “60 p.c placing a crew collectively and 40 p.c revealing that the theft already occurred.” So the pair enterprise to HeistCon, a fan conference for thieves, in order that Rick can confront Miles.

In a foolish, minute-long montage early on, Rick recruits a trio of oddball characters to affix his crew simply so he can use them to enter HeistCon as a so-called skilled somewhat than a fan. (You want a crew for knowledgeable badge!) In every of those vignettes set to swanky music, somebody says, “You sonuvabitch! I am in!” The primary few occasions, it is a hilarious reference to the iconic scene from Predator the place Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Carl Weathers a “sonuvabitch” earlier than they grapple within the oft-memed “Epic Handshake.”

“I hate heists a lot, and the crew assemblies are the worst half!” – Rick Sanchez

All of Rick’s crew assemblies are, regardless of his personal protests, the greatest components of the episode. This “sonuvabitch” line can be fairly humorous at first, however a Heist-o-Tron robotic Rick programmed to thwart Miles double-crosses Rick as an alternative and drives the joke into the bottom. It desires to assimilate all of sentient life into its “endless meeting of a meaningless crew.” The robotic begins out by hypnotizing all the HeistCon attendees into saying “You sonuvabitch…I am in…” in a monotone voice. Even Morty says it a few occasions like a brainless husk. It is as if the writers know precisely how boring it is getting and anybody who really likes this type of stuff is a brainless husk themselves.

Altogether, these “sonuvabitch” scenes take up round 7 or eight p.c of the complete episode. It seems like Rick and Morty is thrashing a lifeless horse — and Dan Harmon thought that horse was actually silly to start with.

“I will be the primary to say: I do not assume it’s best to make episodes based mostly in your hatred of one thing,” Dan Harmon says in an Inside the Episode interview, whereas admitting his contempt for heist tales. “I simply assume it is ironic that the heist style steals a lot cash from tradition.”

All the flashback reveal sequences use this fascinating collage type.Grownup Swim

“One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” is definitely a reasonably good heist story, however the issue is that heist tales are inherently dangerous narratives.

A lot of the writing from Caitie Delaney is stable, and particular person scenes — just like the reintroduction of Mr. Poopybutthole in one of many season’s greatest motion sequences — are nothing in need of sensible. However a supposedly “good” heist story at all times depends on obfuscating data from the viewer, pulling the wool over their eyes for a collection of bewildering reveals.

For a present that is been memed for making its viewers really feel good, that is an deliberately dumb episode that, like most heist motion pictures, seemingly desires to make you’re feeling a bit silly in an unfair approach. A whodunnit like Knives Out is sensible as a result of the reality is hiding in plain sight, and the massive twists really feel honest and earned. Nothing in any heist film ever seems like that.

The entire level right here is to satire simply how dangerous heist motion pictures are by iterating upon each identified stereotype within the ebook, however “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” feels extra like a lowbrow parody than good satire. There are offscreen body-swaps we could not probably learn about, flashbacks that retcon heisty machinations taking place elsewhere, heists taking place inside heists, a number of double-crosses, and loads of slick devices and bizarre misdirects that do not make sense in any respect. They offer Elon Musk tusks simply because the phrases rhyme.

The episode unleashes a chaotic collection of huge reveals that we could not probably learn about when it is all deliberately hidden from us. “All of that is so dumb and pointless,” the episode appears to say. Which is about as blunt because the Heist-o-Tron’s first large heist: Delivering a continent-sized “pizza” that destroys a complete planet.

The episode’s title is an odd nod to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a beloved 1975 movie the place Jack Nicholson performs a rebellious legal who will get transferred to a psychological establishment and is upset to search out life is tough there. You’d assume this Rick and Morty episode would possibly resemble or reference that story in some style, however that is the primary large trick that will get pulled. The present’s episode titles not often make sense, however on this case, it seems like Rick simply pushed us down the steps pantsless and now he is laughing at us.

What we get is extra of a Nationwide Treasure and Oceans 11 sci-fi parody rolled right into a chaotic, wacky story stuffed with enjoyable cameos, an excellent Predator reference that burns out in a short time, and a hilarious last twist at Netflix’s expense. However there’s little else of curiosity right here.

On some stage, that is the purpose of the entire thing: To lampoon the heist style and make it appear lame? However when the result’s an unusually unfun episode of Rick and Morty, why even trouble

Rick and Morty Ricktrospective collection takes a crucial take a look at each episode of Rick and Morty ever, working backward from the worst to the perfect. Be part of us as we seek for finite which means in an inherently meaningless infinite universe.


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