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The Boys Season 2 theory reveals a disturbing Stormfront-Homelander twist

Homelander is dropping his grip in The Boys Season 2. He’s unraveling on the seams in a determined try and regain some management, and the particular person ruffling his feathers probably the most is Stormfront, the most recent member of the Seven, who appears to know precisely which buttons to press on Amazon’s superhero satire collection.

It’s potential Vought hopes to push Homelander out because the Seven’s chief and substitute him with Stormfront as a substitute. Along with that endeavor, a brazen new principle presents a quite disturbing twist on Stormfront’s identification and it may doubtlessly reshape her relationship with Homelander.

Warning! Spoilers forward when you’re not caught up on The Boys Season 2.

Within the Season 2 episode “Nothing Like It within the World,” it was revealed that Stormfront used to go by the title of Liberty, who vanished in 1979 after committing a hate crime (or so we thought). It’s potential she rebranded her identification and adjusted her Supe title to keep away from being linked to Liberty, whose powers appear to incorporate a slower growing old course of. Both manner, the brand new data confirmed that Stormfront has at all times been racist and violent, nevertheless it’s potential there was another excuse for her disappearance from the general public eye.

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Stormfront and Homelander are two sides of the identical coin.Amazon Prime Video

Reddit user sinburger means that Stormfront is Homelander’s organic mom. Homelander’s age actually suits the invoice and it might additionally clarify (not less than partially) why she’s singled him out of the Seven. We all know that Vought engineered Compound V, a substance that provides Supes their powers, and began injecting infants with it. Plus, Homelander is aware of nothing about his actual mother and father since he was raised in a lab and given a fictional backstory for promotional functions.

To take it a step additional, it’s potential Stormfront/Liberty volunteered to present delivery to Homelander for Vought. It wouldn’t be shocking contemplating her blatant racism and push for white supremacy. Maybe she gave Homelander as much as Vought instantly after he was born or provided up her DNA so they may make a check tube child. It’s all quite disturbing, however that’s The Boys’ specialty.

Stormfront within the comics.Dynamite Leisure

Within the comics, Stormfront was created by and fought for the Nazis. He pushed their ideology, nevertheless it was Vought that cloned him and added extra Compound V into his DNA to finally create Homelander. Stormfront and Homelander are basically two sides of the identical coin.

Just like the cloning course of, it’s potential the Amazon collection adjusted Stormfront’s backstory to suit the gender-bent hero (although DNA extraction is healthier than Stormfront really giving delivery to Homelander). It might additionally clarify why she’s again with Vought after so lengthy. The one “mom” determine Homelander ever knew was Madelyn Stillwell, however they’d a twisted sexual part to their relationship. We will solely hope that received’t be the case between him and Stormfront.

The Inverse Evaluation — The idea makes plenty of sense, regardless that it doesn’t clarify why Stormfront was gone for 3 a long time. Conversely, she could have taken on one other identification within the interim earlier than returning to Vought full-time. Regardless, once you issue within the comics it makes for a strong principle. If appropriate, we’ll possible see Homelander react to the information of Stormfront being his mom, and there’s little question that it’s going to change their already strained relationship for higher or worse.

The Boys Season 2 is at present streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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